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Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services

IIAH Indiza Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd has been providing rescue and fire-fighting services to airports and industry for the past 16 years.

Airport rescue and fire fighting services is a special category of firefighting that involves the response, hazard mitigation, evacuation and possible rescue of passengers and crew of an aircraft or airport involved in an airport ground emergency.

Due to the mass casualty potential of an aviation emergency, the speed with which emergency response equipment and personnel arrive at the scene of the emergency is of paramount importance. Their arrival and initial mission to secure the aircraft against all hazards, particularly fire, increases the survivability of the passengers and crew on board. Airport firefighters have advanced training in the application of firefighting foams, dry chemical and clean agents used to extinguish burning aviation fuel in and around an aircraft in order to maintain a path for evacuating passengers to exit the fire hazard area.

In KZN Province, IIAH Indiza Aviation Services provides these services to Richards Bay Airport and Virginia Airport in compliance with stringent international regulations governing the high-risk aviation sector.  We also provide fire-fighting and emergency services to other airports and industry, as well as upgrading fire-fighting infrastructure and facilities to commercial standards, and the training of fire teams at large industrial & power plants. Our facilities and services are SACAA approved.